Aethos Jobsworth

A man-at-arms in his youth, but now old and gone to fat, Aethos is the proprietor of a local bakery.


Aethos Jobsworth, human mercenary
NG     Fighter   4 HP 32
str 16, dex 12, con 13, int 10, wis 11, cha 12

6 feats –  Weapon Focus: Maul, Weapon Specialization: Maul,  Power Attack, Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Maul, Improved Sunder

skills –  climb  4, craft(cooking) 4, handle animal  4, intimidate  4, profession(baker)  4, ride  4

maul +1  (2330),halfplate +1 (1750), mw shortsword  (160), dagger  (2), mw light crossbow  (185), 30 quarrels  (3), backpack  (2), bedroll  (.1), waterskin  (1), flint & tinder  (1), 50’ rope  (1), mw toolkit  (55), Potions of cure light wounds x 6 (300), sunrods x 6  (12), Cloak of resistance +1  (1000), trail rations (28), 187.9 gold

XP: 7460


Aethos is the son of a stevedore, who joined the local lord’s army and found he preferred a life of a soldier to that of a common laborer.  After twenty years of service, he retired with his carefully hoarded spoils and opened a bakery.  He has let his skills at arms degrade since retirement, but his spoils have kept the business alive so far.  

He keeps his greathammer displayed behind the counter of his bakery, and likes to tell tales of his adventures down at the pub, most of them impossible exaggerations.  He is old, but not so old that he does not long to return to a life of adventure and risk.

Ruddy complected, short white haired, clean shaven, thick-fingered, burly and barrel-shaped.

Aethos Jobsworth

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