Character Creation Guidelines

We will be using the default ability score method from page 7 of the 3.5 Player’s Handbook. For those of you who are away from your bookshelf, that’s 4d6 (drop the lowest), six times, discard all six results if highest score <= 13 or if the total bonus is <= 0, assign the results to the ability of your choice.

Races may be selected from the Player’s Handbook or the Eberron Campaign Setting; if you desire another race, please check with the DM first (I will almost certainly say yes, but it may add to my preparation time). Most character classes will be available, but Barbarian may be inappropriate for this game.

The characters will be starting with enough experience to attain level 4; characters may spend some of those points to create magic items if they feel it appropriate. Each character has 6000gp to spend on equipment; if you feel it would be appropriate to spend half or more of your gold on a single item, please include in your character background the story of how the item came into your possession. The game will be based, at least initially, in the city of Sharn, so items from virtually any published material should be available.

Last up, please prepare a bit of backstory as a role-playing aid. Some prompts might include:

Where does my character come from? Am I a native of Sharn, or an immigrant?
How do I feel about how my homeland made out in the Last War?
As a fairly successful adventurer, what are some highlights in my recent career?

The characters will all have a good working relationship as an established adventuring company; particular friendships or rivalries are up to the players to decide.

Character Creation Guidelines

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