The Dart and Dress

The Dart and Dress (Odina, proprietress) is an inn situated in the Dancing Shadows district of Middle Tavick’s Landing in Sharn. Friendly service, fair prices, and clean rooms make this the favored hangout of the PCs. Please don’t forget to tip your servers.

Tavern Menu

Drinks Cost Serving Notes
Ale 4cp mug Pretty good.
Cut ale 2cp mug Not so bitter (because it is watered).
Soldier’s Gruel 6cp mug Thick ale, like a liquid meal.
Wine 2sp pitcher Common Red, fairly sweet and unremarkable.
Spiced apple cinnamon wine 5sp mug Heated, available in autumn or winter.
Rum 5sp shot Cheap.
Berry brandy 3gp shot Usually raspberry.
Zil Brandy 5gp shot Imported from Zilargo – very strong.
Almond Milk 2cp mug Served chilled.
Snacks Cost Notes
Drop Biscuits 1cp Two, with a dab of jam if you ask.
Peanuts 1cp Small bowl, shells on. Don’t make a mess.
Sweet Cremfel 2cp A sweet sticky Aundair pastry.
Salt beans 2cp Steamed in the pod, and salted.
Meals Cost Notes
Cabbage stew 1cp You can live on it, but not well. 3cp with tribex strips in it.
Spiced noodles 2cp Rice noodles fried with a hot sauce. Exercise caution.


Rooms are available nightly (6sp), weekly (1gp), or by the month (4gp), paid in advance. The furnishings are nothing special, but are comfortable.


The tavern room has four dartboards at one end, and holds a tournament every other month. The prize is a silver collar pin that earns the wearer a free ale each night until the next tournament.

The Dart and Dress

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